Wakarusa Day 1 Wrapup

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Wakarusa is different from any other festival I have been to. It’s the only one that I got lost trying to find. It’s held in BFE (Butt F*cking Egypt) Arkansas. This is the part of Ammurrrica that sells hard boiled eggs out of jars at liquor stores (they sell moonshine too). Once I finally made it to the festival it became clear that the rain that had been falling for a couple hours was going to make this the first mud festival that I’ve attended.

The crowd at Wakarusa not only dealt with the mud, they thrived in it. Many of the locals looked right at home with mud up to their shins and spackled across their shirts. Each stage, tent, walkway, and camping area was completely covered. Once you accepted that the mud was going to be a part of the festival you quickly adapt to it and it’s really not that big of a deal.

The music highlights for the day included Moon Taxi, The Black Crows, STS9, and after music was delayed for weather by and hour, Emancipator continued the fun night of music.

Day 2 holds much promise as the rain clouds have moved away and were replaced with less threatening clouds. For all of your Wakarusa updates just follow @TheFestivalGuy on twitter.

See you there. 

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