Symbiosis Gathering: All It’s Missing Is You

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It’s not often that anyone asks what you are going to do after Burning Man. The weeks following it are supposed to be reserved for fighting the post-burn depression that sinks in when you realize that Burning Man is over and that you have to wait a full year to do it all over again.

Thankfully, this year is different. This year the heralded Symbiosis Gathering is throwing their festival a month after Burning Man in Oakdale, California. This gives everyone time to recover and allows everyone to have something to look forward to.

Symbiosis is a full-scale transformation festival, which, along with incredible music, provides workshops, playshops, dance classes, and yoga. Combine this with the completely stacked lineup and you have a recipe for success.

Seriously, check this out.

Sybiosis Gathering Poster 2013
Symbiosis is a great festival to attend because they offer some amenities that are quite rare in the festival world (unfortunately). For one, the music goes all night. This gives you the ability to keep your Burning Man total freedom vibe going as long as you want. One thing that Symbiosis has that Burning Man could only dream of is a lake that DOES allow swimming. This is a really big deal, as most festivals do not allow swimming.

If you can make it – GO! If you can’t, you can follow my adventure on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I’m really looking forward to this one and hope to see you there. 

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