SnowBall Festival: My Life Timestamp

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The years after school seem to blur together. Adults (I use this term very losely now) don’t have spring, summer, and winter break, nor do they have a grade number to see how far life is progressing. We go from being seniors in high school or college, to suddenly battling for survival. You are either making it, or trying to figure out how to make it.
This is how life was for me after college and I was one of the lucky ones. I managed to find a really incredible job off of Craigslist, which I worked for the next five years after college. I made great money, enjoyed the work, had time off, and everything else you could ask for. So what was the problem? I was bored. Was this really all life was going to be for me?
Then in the middle of February 2011 my uncle from Colorado called me and said that one of my favorite acts, Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros, were playing in Vail a couple weeks later. I thought that was really cool, but it didn’t inspire me enough to check it out. The next week my uncle called me back and said it was a first time festival called Snowball. On Tuesday of that week I looked it the festival up, and saw a lineup with many of my favorite acts including: The Flaming Lips, Local Natives, and Portugal The Man. There were also some guys named Bassnectar, Big Gigantic and Pretty Lights that I had heard of,but were not really my style (at the time). The night before the festival a friend and I decided to make the trip to Colorado and have ourselves a little adventure. We bought our tickets and hopped on a plan from LA to Denver the next morning. Before we knew it we were bundled up in all the snow gear we had, and walked up to the festival’s entrance.

What we experienced over the next three days was everything my life was missing. I was exposed to new artists that I would have never heard about otherwise. I also met dozens of awesome people that I had a lot in common with, because we had the same music taste. I was free to turn the rest of the world off and give my brain the weekend off.
Snowball will forever by my timestamp. It’s where everything changed. After three days at Snowball, I could honestly say that festivals were something I loved with every ounce of my being. I went to Coachella a month later and had my big “aha moment.” I saw that these festivals meant the world to millions of people, and that no one was talking about them from festival-goers point of view. After attending a few more festivals I decided to try and find a way to make them my full time gig. I left my job and managed to make it to ten festivals that year, including a trip to Burning Man. At the end of the season I had moved back to Colorado for the winter. I met with the SnowBall team and explained festival innovations that I had discovered during my travels.


My Snowball timestamp of 2012 found me as the head volunteer for SnowBall. It was my job to lead a team of 20 volunteers, and do our best to make SnowBall the best festival possible. It was also my first festival to review for my new website; you guessed it- I spent the rest of the year traveling the country and volunteering at festivals, which I discovered to be the best way to learn about what goes on behind the scenes. I managed to attend 18 festivals that year.

My Snowball timestamp of 2013 found me with my first video pass at a festival, as I was attempting to shoot the pilot of a festival travel show. After viewing the video it became clear that I’m just not that great on camera.I guess the only way to learn these things is by trying. I reached my goal in of attending 20 festivals that year. More importantly, I came up with an idea to start a mobile app for festivalgoers called FestEvo. A friend of mine also pointed something that really blew my mind. She pointed out that my name, Tucker Gumber, has the the same initials as The Festival Guy. TG-TG. Weird right?

My Snowball timestamp of 2014 is coming up this weekend. FestEvo is a mere two weeks away from its launch, and I am excited to say that it’s going to blow people’s minds. Snowball got this adventure started and I could not be more excited to show where my next timestamp is going to be this year. If there is one thing that I would like to share, it’s that if you have an idea then you should pursue it. Life is too short to not follow your dreams. Stay tuned through Instagram, as I think my story is just getting started.

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