Next Stop: Shambhala

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The music festival community is one based on word of mouth. If you hear that a festival is good from a trusted source, you will probably want to go. If you hear that a festival is bad, you will probably not want to go. If you hear that a festival is the absolute best and there is nothing else like it, you will be dying to go. This is the case with the next stop on my adventure –  Shambhala. 
I first heard about Shambhala from a friend I made at EDC Vegas 2011. He was a Canadian native and said there was nothing like it. What made it so different? Well for one, it’s a dry festival, so there were no drunken people, which is something no other festival can state (though it does make me wonder how far everyone goes with other substances). The other part that he said separates Shambhala from other festivals is the fact that it is thrown on a family farm and the venue is absolutely gorgeous. 
Since 2011 I have had heard dozens of people rave about Shambhala. One of the things that resonated with me most was when someone described how the stages are operated. At most festivals all of the stages are managed by the same production company, so the staff is spread thin across multiple stages. At Shambhala they have different groups controlling each stage. Having a crew dedicated to each stage creates competition for the best stage, which leads to each stage being absolutely insane.

The thing that I am most excited about is the crowd. Shambhala is held in Canada, and Canadians are some of my favorite festivalgoers. They are super easy going, dance hard, and are just fun to be around. I really think that U.S. festivals should give Canadians discounts to encourage them to come down.

If you are still on the fence about Shambhala, go! All of those recommendations can’t be wrong. There are still a few tickets available, so check it out. See you soon!!


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