LIB tax

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With great sacrifice comes great reward. As you wait in line to get your wristband for Lightning In A Bottle, it’s important to take note of what is really happening. The time spent in this line is your final hurdle to one of the best weekends you are ever going to have. It’s the LIB tax.

You are about to make friends that are going to last a lifetime. You are going to dance in ways that you never knew were possible. Do not let this silly hurdle beat you. If you really think about what you are about to get to do for the next three days, you will realize that there is nowhere you would rather be on earth.

If this is your first time to LIB then you could probably think of a few places, but once you’ve experienced the magic that this festival creates, you will realize the line made you stronger.

So smile!

Give out some hugs!

You are going to make it and it’s all gonna be all right…. Fuck that- it’s all gonna be fucking incredible!!

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