IMFCON 2013 Review

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I was lucky enough to be able to attend and speak at the International Music Festival Conference last weekend in Austin, Texas. IMFCON brings together hundreds of leaders in the music and film festival industry. 

Just as the festival industry continues to grow year after year, so has the International Music Festival Conference. This year there were over 600 festival professionals which was up over 50% from last year. The new faces combined with lots of familiar ones from last year into three epic days of networking.

There were startups (Like my own company FestEvo), there were probably a hundred different festivals represented, dozens of ticketing companies, and the new electronic music juggernaught SFX was there as well. The best thing about IMFCON is how approachable everyone is. If you have a question all you need to do is introduce yourself and ask. Everyone is there to learn from each other because they understand that we are all on the same team. As long as festivals keep providing an extreme amount of fun for the dollar than it’s attendees will keep going back year after year. 

The panels were really well done this year as well. I really appreciate that IMFCON selects people from different parts of the industry to team up and speak about the particular topic as it relates to them and their experiences. Here are some of the panel topics. 

  • The Anatomy of The Recording Academy®
  • The Event Safety Alliance’s Continuing Development of Health and Safety Resources for our Industry
  • Opening Keynote: The Pursuit Of Excellence, a conversation with Arthur Fogel
  • Keynote: Shelly Finkel, Head of Acquisitions, SFX Entertainment
  • Logistical Headaches and Technical Challenges Leaving Unanswered Questions for Festival Producers 
  • Ticketing Alternatives: In-house Systems vs.Ticketing Giants
  • Crisis Response: Protecting Your Attendees, Protecting Your Brand
  • Modern Music Festivals: A Branded Experience
  • Mining Music Talent – Talent Buyers, Bookers, an Artist Manager and the Lone Agent
  • Tours vs. Festivals- Differences, Similarities
  • Electronic Dance Music Exploding the Festival World
  • The Economic Impact of a Festival
  • How Should Festivals Use Big Data?
  • Digital Strategies: Leverage the Potential of Your Festival
  • Mobile tips for Events
  • Unplugged: A live Music Experience

By the time the conference had wrapped up, everyone had learned something that is going to help them advance their career or festival. They also walk away with a fat stack of business cards of important festival contacts that you would have never had the chance of making anywhere else. If you are in the festival industry (or want to be) this is a can’t miss event. 

See you next year!!!

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