How Far Do You Walk At A Music Festival?

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Anyone that has ever been to a music festival knows to expect quite the workout. Once heading to the venue, you will be on your feet all day as you wander stage-to-stage chasing your favorite acts. During the shows you should be dancing your ass off, which adds to the all day workout. By the time your day comes to an end and you sit back down at camp your body is exhausted. This is inherently the case because, you’ve been walking and dancing for 12+ hours.
The curiosity about how far the average festivalgoer moves in a festival day finally got the best of me. I bought a FitBit activity tracker for this festival season to track how far I go at each festival. The result completely blew my mind.

Here is Coachella Weekend 1 Results:

20 miles a day?!!! 

This number is hard to believe, but it actually makes sense. During Coachella, I would wander the campground a little in the morning and head into the venue around 1pm. I would then chase bands until the venue closed at 1:30am. That’s 12 hours of nothing but walking and dancing. My three-day total for Weekend 1 of Coachella was 64 miles and over 15,000 calories. Crazy, right?

Could these numbers really be right? I went to Weekend 2 to make sure.

Here Coachella Weekend 2 Results:



62 total miles and over 15,000 calories burned. Almost exactly the same from Weekend 1. I didn’t go quite as far this time, because I was physically sore from Weekend 1. By the time the two weekends had come to an end I had totaled over 120 miles of walking. So the next time you think you need to get active and shed a few pounds look no further than going to a music festival. It is way more fun than running a marathon, and you burn just as many calories.

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