Have The Best Time At Utopia With FestEvo

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Utopia Festival is getting closer and closer. In a few short days, we’ll be surrounded by Texas’ finest and dancing our ass off to world-class music. While it’s impossible to have a bad time at a festival, there’s something you can do now to ensure you have an awesome time at Utopia.

To have the best possible experience at Utopia, you need to put a little work in before the event. First, you need to learn the lineup. The more acts you know, the more fun you’ll have listening to them. You also need to know which friends of yours will be there. That way you can plan and get all your camping needs dialled in.

Thankfully, FestEvo, a new mobile app available for Android and iOS phones, allows you to do both of these tasks on your phone. Once you download the free app, you’ll be walked through the process of creating your festivalgoer profile. Next, you can add your FB friends and RSVP to Utopia. This is where the magic happens: as your friends learn about FestEvo, they’ll see that you’re going to be there. Voila! You now have a full party roster for Utopia and every other festival you plan to attend.


During the festival, make sure to stop by the FestEvo booth to get some free sunscreen, have your sunglasses cleaned so you can clearly see how awesome your life is, and share stories with your fellow festivalgoers. The FestEvo Team will also be interested to see if you have any suggestions on other ways the app can help create the ultimate festival experience.

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