Coachella Food Guide

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Last weekend at Coachella I attempted to do a food review of all of the food vendors at Coachella. The idea was simple. Have each food vendor donate one of their best item and then review it with other Coachella goers based on taste and value.

The idea was simple, the execution was not. Most vendors were really open to the idea but it required visiting the stand multiple times to be there when the manager was. This extended the amount of time to review each vendor considerably. By the time the second day was over I had barely finished the campground vendors and the Outdoor Stage vendors. I had also used up my voice so I decided that I was going to have to scrap doing a full review and was going to have to keep my review to the two areas. Please note that some of the best food is in the food court area.

Best Juice: T&D Farms, Grapefruit Juice
Healthiest Dish: Brazilian Acai, Acai Bowl
Best Coffee: Ela Brew, Ince Coffee

Outdoor Stage:
Best food item: Jackalope Ranch, Pulled Chicken
Best Vegetarian: West Coast Wraps, Sicilian Veggie Wrap
Healthiest Meal: 118 Degrees, Combo
Best Value: Spanish Paella, Chicken and Shrimp Paella
Best $5 Item: Watermelon
Best pizza: I & lt Spicy Pie

Here is a list of all of the food and their menus in the General Admission area of Coachella:

I will finish the reviews this weekend and determine the best overall dish of Coachella.

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