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“Part of me took succour in thinking that better people than I had shitty days. That sometimes even Mother Teresa got out of bed, rolled her eyes and thought, ‘If I have to deal with another God damn leper today….’ But that was until I met Tucker Gumber.”

These are the words of my friend Byron, whom I met on Craigslist and gave a ride to Vegas on the way to a EDC.

Have you ever heard this speech by Alan Watts?

He says that if you find something you love and do it, you will eventually become a master of it and find a way to turn it into a career. More importantly he says that you will be happy. I took these words to heart and have dedicated my life to music festivals. Over the last three years I have lived my dream to the tune of over 48 festivals, totaling over 180 festival days, including three trips to Burning man. 

During this time I tried to learn everything I can about the music festival industry and the festival community. I found that volunteering at festivals was not only a great way to meet new friends, but was also a great glimpse of the inner workings of the festival. Now that I have all of this experience under my belt, I am ready to find ways to improve the festival experience for everyone.

So this whole follow your passion thing seems to have worked. Going to so many festivals made me realize that there were two major problems the festivalgoers face. 
1. Festivals are more fun when you go with a big group of people. Sadly there is no way to determine which of your friends will be at each festival. 
2. Festivals are more fun when you know the lineup but there is no way to easily listen to the lineup. 

To solve these problems I have created FestEvo– the mobile app of festivalgoers. Give it a download and let me know what you think. 

You can find me at the following places. 

Or via email at tucker@thefestivalguy.com

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