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The International Music Festival Conference, IMFCON, is coming up December 8th-11th in Austin, Texas. IMFCON brings together executives from every aspect of the festival world. You will meet production companies, labels, agents, ticketing companies, talent bookers, music websites, sponsors, and every other kind of company you can imagine. The best part about this conference is the people. When you think about it, if someone started a music festival or some other company within the music industry, they are probably a really awesome person. IMFCON is a conference with 400 really awesome people all in one place. Add in lots of open bar mixers and you have yourself a party.

Here is the IMFCON promo version. There is even a quote from yours truly.


Here is my review of last year’s IMFCON.

Everyone who is, or wants to be, in the festival industry needs to go. If you are a festival, your attendance should be mandatory so you can continue to provide the best festival experience possible for your deserving and paying attendees. By not sending a representative of your organization to IMFCON, you are saying that your festival is perfect the way it is and that there is nothing left for you to learn about throwing successful music festivals.  I have yet to go to a perfect festival, so you should be confident that yours isn’t either.

Everyone who attends will leave the conference with a handful of ideas that will help their future in a way that never would have been possible without attending the IMFCON. You will also walk away with a suitcase filled with business cards of valuable contacts you are going to make. These contacts will be very valuable to your future in ways that you can’t yet even imagine. During my four days there last year I collected 162 business cards. Meeting people of this caliber opens doors in really weird ways.

Last year I became friends with David Hazaan, who knows everyone in the industry. He instantly understood what I was trying to accomplish and introduced me to his contact Andy, who lives in Sweden and runs a website called This introduction led to me blogging for him this summer, which helped me get press passes to a lot of festivals. Andy even created this website for me.

It gets better.

Andy introduced me to one of his contacts named JC. I met up with JC at Coachella and got adopted into his amazing group of friends, one of which is now one of my business advisors, and another who is the investor on my upcoming mobile app, FestEvo. I also became very close with three of the girls in this notable Coachella group and got to do Wakarusa, Bonnaroo and Electric Forest with them. I am lucky to call them all close friends. 

If I had not gone to IMFCON last year, none of this would have happened, which would be a real bummer. So say YES to unlimited possibilities and say YES to IMFCON! If you are still on the fence and have questions, feel free to email me at I even know of a discount code for tickets.

See you there!!

PS: I’m leading a discussion, Monday from 4:30pm-5:30pm in conference room A, on current festival trends and ways that you can improve the festival going experience. If you are a festival producer you should definitely stop by. 

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