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I am back at EDMbiz for the second time and I could not be more excited about it. For those of you not aware, EDMbiz is a two day conference for people who work in the electronic music industry in some capacity.  Last year at this time I had just started this website and was excited to become “The Festival Guy,” even though I had no idea what that really meant. When I attended the conference, some of the panels really helped me shape what this project is all about.

So, what is The Festival Guy?

TFG is just a name that I came up with when I wanted to review festivals without being “just some guy.” Festivals are my favorite thing in the entire world, and by starting TFG I made them my life. The main point of TFG is to be the voice of the crowd. If a festival is providing an incredible festival experience for the attendees, then the festival needs to be recognized. If a festival is providing a subpar festival experience, then that story needs to be told as well.

It’s not just a name. I earned it.

In the last two and a half years I have attended 33 festivals, 2 conferences, and two trips to Burning Man, for a total of 127 days. They say it takes doing something for 10,000 hours to become an expert. I am currently at over 3,000 hours spent at festivals, so I don’t call myself and expert…. yet. But mark my word, I am well on my way.

One thing I can tell you is that I know the festival world as well as anyone you will meet. I know what a festival is doing well and what needs to be improved. I know who the festival crowd is and what motivates them to go to each festival. And more importantly, if I don’t know something I will do my best to find out.

If you happen to see me at EDMbiz – come say hi. I am here to meet you. Let’s talk business, festivals, EDM, sports, whatever. If you want to meet outside of EDMbiz, you can tweet me at @TheFestivalGuy or email me at Tucker@TheFestivalGuy .com (without the space.)

See you soon!!

The Festival Guy 2013

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