EDMbiz 2012

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EDM Biz 2012*Editors Note: After attending EDMbiz in June I got so swept away replying to business cards and going to more festivals I didn’t even think of doing a review. I am going off of memory but it shouldn’t be a problem.

Question: What do you get when Insomniac Events sends an email about an EDM industry specific conference to a couple hundred thousand adoring fans and business people?

Answer: Excitement.

That is the only way to describe EDMbiz. Everyone from the panelists to the attendees were beaming with excitement to finally get everyone together and discuss just how much was going on in the industry. The conference brought together what I would guess was about 400 people from all over the EDM spectrum. There were representatives of festivals, leading EDM blogs, artists, app developers, makers of new EDM industry technology, and even a few people that were not in the industry yet but they wanted to be and saw a real opportunity to network.

And network we did. After three days of networking I came home with over 100 business cards that advanced my career in ways that would have never been possible without this opportunity. Getting to meet people face to face is absolutely key to creating long lasting relationships. EDMbiz allowed you to network with not only the attendees but with the panelists as well.

The panel speakers were as A List as you could get in the EDM community. Over the course of the three days you had speakers from Burning Man, Coachella, Lollapalooza, as well as agents, talent bookers, and even Pasquale Rotella (creator of Insomniac Events) speak about their area of expertise. I learned things I about the industry that I never would have had the opportunity to learn anywhere else.

EDMbiz 2012
The real miracle about how well this conference came together was the fact that it all happened within the course of 6 weeks. Most conferences plan all year and don’t have the turnout that EDMbiz had. I know that I am going to go back every year and I suspect that everyone else that attended will as well. Honestly I can’t wait for the 2013 event because I expect them to take the conference to even greater heights now that they have a full year to plan it.

Have questions about what it was like to attend EDMbiz? Tweet me, facebook me, or simply email me at tucker @ thefestivalguy.com (without the spaces).

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