Northern Nights Music Festival

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Name: Northern Nights Music Festival
Location: Mendacino County, CA
Dates: July 18th-20th, 2014
Size: 3,500

Lineup: The Northern Nights lineup was really well constructed, featuring crowd favorites and a strong lineup of awesome up and comers.

Stages/Sound: Northern Nights was a small festival, and they did a great job of not over-doing it. The festival had a really great beach stage that allowed attendees to float in the river while jamming to some of their favorite artists. The main stage opened in the afternoon and was a solid stage, complete with impressive visuals for a smaller festival. The sound was acceptable for most of the shows, with only a couple of hiccups over the weekend. One downside to this festival is that the music stops at midnight; however, there was still plenty to do as Northern Nights had the coolest Silent Disco I have ever seen, complete with lasers and full production.

Greening: Northern Nights KILLED it! This was one of the cleanest festivals that I have ever been to. The crowd did a great job of cleaning up after themselves, and the festival provided 5 different ways to sort trash. They also had funny signs spread around the festival that reminded everyone to pick up after themselves. (WHY DOESN’T EVERY FESTIVAL DO THIS?)

Crowd: Northern Nights was an 18+ crowd of mainly Northern California locals. This proved to be a great combination, because the vibe was stellar all weekend. You will be hard pressed to find another festival with people that dance as much as this crowd did.

Excellent. They check your wristbands and you were good to go.

Food: The food at Northern Nights was really great for it’s size. Attendees had a decent selection to choose from, and there were vegan and gluten free dishes as well. One beef I have with Northern Nights is the alcohol prices: $6 a beer and $9 a mixed drink was a mistake. They would have made way more money by offering more reasonable prices.

Art: Northern Nights had different art pieces spread around the venue, which made it a real pleasure to explore. They even had a full art gallery to help support local artists.

Camping: Northern Nights had the best campground that I have ever been to. Everyone literally camped under giant Redwood Trees; this provided perfect shade and a magical camping experience.

Organization: This was a very organized festival. The bathrooms were lit up and stayed clean, it was easy to get around, and everything was on time. One area for improvement was with the festival programs/schedules – I couldn’t find where to get one all weekend long.

Overall: Northern Nights was one of the best festivals that I have ever been to. The combination of a gorgeous venue, a happy crowd who actually picked up after themselves, and a lineup packed with dance-worthy artists made it a festival that will become a staple in the music festival community. I am going to go ahead and give them a full five stars because it was just so much freaking fun to attend. Thank you Northern Nights!!

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