2014 Life Is Beautiful Festival Review

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Name: Life Is Beautiful
Dates: October 24th-26th
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Size: 25,000 (estimate)

Stages/Sound: Life Is Beautiful offered a solid music viewing experience. Each stage had world-class sound systems that easily covered their respective music viewing areas. The stages also had enough production to achieve the magic that all festivals should strive for.

(Photo Powers Imagery)

Crowd: As much as I loved LIB 2013, I left the festival thinking that it was the worst crowd I had ever been around. A large portion of them had no idea what they were doing or who any of the artists were. It turns out that, that year, the festival distributed free tickets to residents living near the festival, so these attendees were not really festivalgoers. Thankfully, this was not the case this year. The crowd was great, a diverse crowd consisting of music lovers of all ages. They all did a fine job of keeping the event garbage-free.

(Photo by Powers Imagery)

Greening: LIB’s cleanliness wasn’t just because of the crowd. The festival organizers hired CleanVibes to keep the venue spotless, and they nailed it. I didn’t see a single overflowing trash/recycle bin all weekend, which was a major improvement over last year. This was one of the cleanest mid-major festivals I’ve ever been to.

Art: LIB has more art than any other festival I’ve been to. There were live artists painting in the VIP area, interactive art that allowed attendees to create their own balloons (I have mixed emotions about this, as it’s bad for the environment), and multiple art installations that provided attendees with lots of different photo opportunities. Considering that all the buildings in downtown Las Vegas are decorated with enormous murals, it’s safe to say that attendees were literally surrounded by art all weekend.

Security: Getting in and out of the venue was a breeze, as LIB had hired plenty of security guards. The search was quick, but thorough, as is the industry standard.

This demands yet another exclamation point. Life Is Beautiful has committed to bringing in the best of the best of the food vendors, and it shows. Each vendor offered high-quality dishes at standard festival prices. Eating was one of the highlights of the festival.

Organization: Life Is Beautiful was very well put together and easy to attend. The bathrooms were well lit and clean. The shows started on time and were easy to get to. I was particularly pleased with this year’s new layout, as it made it simple to see everyone you wanted to. They even made a conscious effort to give attendees places to sit.

(Photo Life Is Beautiful Facebook page)

Overall: This was a very easy festival to review. Life Is Beautiful gets a full five stars, because the organizers did a great job with every aspect of the event. The lineup, the art, the organization, and the food all combined to create a festival experience as enjoyable as you could ever hope for. See you next year, LIB!

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