2014 Firefly Music Festival Review

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Name: Firefly Music Festival
Location: Dover, Delaware
Dates: June 20th-22nd, 2014
Size: 80,000 (estimate)
Lineup: The Firefly lineup is an indie rock lover’s dream.

Firefly Music Festival poster 2014

Stages/Sound: Firefly does a great job of creating a world-class music viewing experience. With two large stages, three medium stages, and four smaller stages, festivalgoers had a variety of selections to enjoy. Each stage offered perfect sound thanks to added speaker towers. The visual display was also on point; each act had a unique look to add to the show. Overall, Firefly was a great place to watch music.

Source https://www.facebook.com/FireflyMusicFestival/photos/pb.314607375253963.-2207520000.1404591312./689358281112202/?type=3&theater(Source Firefly Facebook)

Firefly made a clear effort to be green. They gave each car entering the campgrounds plastic bags for trash and recycling. They also had a slew of volunteers roaming the festival and picking up trash, which did an acceptable job of keeping the venue clean. However, it wasn’t completely great because only a few trashcans were accompanied with recycle bins. It also was not uncommon to see a trashcan overflowing with trash amongst festival grounds.

Crowd: The Firefly crowd was really enjoyable to be around. Everyone was polite and it was clear that they were excited to see all acts. The thing this crowd did better than almost any festival I have been to is show up early. It seemed like almost everyone was in the venue by 2pm every day, which is hours earlier than other festivals.

Security: The Firefly Security guards did a good job overall. There was a problem with security in what??

Food: The food at Firefly was freaking incredible. There were a huge variety of vendors that were located all around the venue so you were always close to your next meal. I was also impressed by Firefly’s decision to have mobile beer sellers whom wandered the crowd with cold beer; this worked very well.

The art at FireFly was about the only thing lacking from the festival. There was one section of the trees that they lit up. There were also a couple Firefly cutouts you could take your picture in front of. There just wasn’t anything that blew your mind like you see at some other festivals.

Camping: The camping at Firefly is a mixed bag as well (I was in lot 18). On the good side there was a late night stage, a silent disco, and plenty of delicious food vendors. On the bad side they only put in one group of porta-potties for everyone to use. This left a long walk for people to go to the bathroom, which meant they all just headed to the surrounding trees to do their business.

Organization: Firefly did a pretty good job with organization. The music stayed on schedule and the program was really well done, but there were lines to get water and go to the bathroom on the mainstage side of the festival. Any knowledgeable festivalgoer just planned their water fill-ups and bathroom trips correctly to avoid the line. I also want to give special mention to the arcade/game room- it was a hit.

(Source Firefly Facebook)

Firefly was a really great music festival. Getting to watch your favorite acts on their beautiful stages with perfect sound created a really fun music-driven festival experience. FireFly is going to get a 4 star rating. They can accomplish that final star by providing more bathrooms and water refill stations, as well as committing to bringing in art to help achieve that magical glow that all festivals should have.

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