What The Festival 2013 Review

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Location: Dufur, OR
Dates: July 26 – 28, 2013
Size: 3,000 
Price: $200

What The Festival: It’s a Las Vegas pool party with WAY cooler people, and you don’t have to go to Vegas.


Stages: The stages at WTF were all really well done. The stage names were pretty funny – WTF, OMG, EFFin, and LOL – but they were different enough to easily learn and remember. Each stage gave a great viewing experience as you could easily see the artist from anywhere in the crowd. The visual display was nice, and the sound was out of this world. Each stage had Funktion One speakers that pumped perfect sound into the crowd. By perfect sound I mean not too loud, but it allows you to hear ever high and low.

I forgot to mention the pool stage. Yeah. They made a pool just so everyone had a place to stay cool during the day. The pool stage is one of the coolest stages I have ever seen. SOOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!!

What The Festival 2013 Pool Stage
 The crowd at WTF was wonderful. The vast majority were from Portland, which is great because Portland people are awesome. They are friendly, they share, and they even pick up after themselves. The crowd was especially great because there was a super low percent (8%) of 18-21 year old people.

What The Festival 2013
 The organization at WTF was superb. There were not lines for anything, the bathrooms were super clean, the fairgrounds were spotless, and everything was on time. This festival was clearly thrown by people who know what they’re doing and know what to expect. They even had carts available to help you move your gear.

Food: The food this year at WTF was great. Some of the best food trucks in Portland showed up and offered a wide variety of delicious dishes. You could get a cup of coffee for $2 and beer for $4. This is a good deal in a music festival.

Art:  The art at WTF was all over the place. From interactive installations to 10 foot high metal sculptures, art was everywhere you looked. There was an insane amount of art and decoration for a 3,000 person festival.

What The Festival art 2013

Greening: WTF did a great job of encouraging everyone to recycle and clean up after themselves. The property was spotless throughout the entire festival.

Overall: This was a ridiculously fun festival. It gets a perfect 5 stars. I am already excited to go back next year and see all of the awesome friends that I made over the weekend. 

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