SnowGlobe 2013 Review

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Date: December 29th-31st, 2013
Location: South Lake Tahoe, CA
Size: 12,000 ish
Price: $180
Years Running: 3

If you are into music festivals, SnowGlobe Music Festival is the best ways you can spend the new year. Instead of the typical one night of fun that most New Years parties consist of, SnowGlobe gives you three epic days of music, dancing, and time spent with your favorite people. 

Crowd: The crowd at SnowGlobe is mostly out of towners that come up from LA, SD, SF, to have themselves an epic New Year blowout. As the lineup would suggest, the crowd brings in a lot of 16-20 year olds that are still figuring out what it means to be a good festival goer. Luckily there is a really good mix 21-35 year olds who balance everything out. Overall the SnowGlobe crowd is friendly, fun, and knows how to get down. They also do a really good job of dressing up in outfits/costumes that not only looked cool but they keep you warm as well.

Stages: The stages at SnowGlobe were were more than acceptable for the size of the festival. There was the large main stage complete with dual LED screens, the medium sized Sierra Tent, and the heated (much appreciated) Igloo Dome giving attendees multiple music options to choose from. The sound was good during most of the festival but was really bad on Saturday night during Kaskade’s set. Someone close to the festival said that there was some sound issues with the city the night before which could explain why the sound was so quiet the following night. 

Greening: This was one area where SnowGlobe needs to improve. There was no program put into place to encourage attendees to clean up after themselves. The end result was a really messy fairground at the end of the day. My other problem was that SnowGlobe did not have separate bins for trash and recycling. Festival organizers said that the city separates everything but having separate cans really encourages attendees to practice good recycling methods. It also shows the crowd that the festival is dedicated to having a positive impact on the environment.

Art: SnowGlobe did a pretty good job with art and decorations. Their main piece was a four sided live art installation that had artists paint their different animal themed pieces over the course of the weekend. There is always room for more art though.

Food: SnowGlobe had a great variety of food and drink selections available at standard to high festival food prices. When you consider that the vendors had to be in the cold all night and miss their own New Years celebrations I am ok with the higher prices.

Organization: I was really impressed with the organization this year. Getting the wristbands was a breeze, the line to get into the festival moved faster than almost any I had ever seen, and they did a much better job with their shuttle system (compared to last year). One thing that was lacking was the program. SnowGlobe decided not to have one this year to be more green. Instead they had an app and two places in the festival that you could view the schedule. This sounds good but in reality it was a pain in the ass. The app took 5 button clicks to view the schedule so it was a real hassle every time you wanted to check the schedule..

What makes this festival special? The cold weather really makes SnowGlobe different from other festivals. I really like it. Everyone has to dance to stay warm which is great. SnowGlobe also uses that cold to their advantage by bringing in setting up a big ramp and jump that professional skiers and snowboarders use to do huge tricks for the crowd. The other thing that sets SnowGlobe apart from other festivals is their commitment to spreading good vibes. One of the head organizers jumps on the microphone a couple times a night and reminds everyone to take care of each other and be safe. I LOVE THIS!

Overall: SnowGlobe was a really solid festival and I would recommend it for anyone that likes electronic music. When you consider that for $180 you get to turn your usual one day of New Years fun into three days of festival madness, it becomes an even easier decision.

I give SnowGlobe three and half stars. If it improved the overall cleanliness of the festival by creating a program that encourages attendees to pick up trash, it would get a full four stars. 

See you there next year!

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