Sasquatch Review

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Date: May 24th-27th, 2013
Location: Quincy, Washington
Size: 25,000
Price: $340
Years Running: 10

Crowd: The crowd is one of the strengths of the festival. The vast majority of the crowd is from Washington, Oregon, and Canada. Pacific North Westerners are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. Everyone was courteous and was more focused on the music than you will find at other festivals.

Organization: FAIL! Sasquatch! was the dirtiest festival I have ever been to (Out of 36 at this point). For some reason the promoters think it’s ok to only clean the festival at the end of the day instead of cleaning throughout the day. So if one piece of trash gets left behind it will be there all day. When people see trash all over the place they are less likely to pick up after themselves so the fairgrounds and campgrounds quickly became covered with trash. There were also not enough trashcans on the property so you would have to walk a long way to throw your trash away. Here is a post I wrote about this nightmare scenario. 

The campgrounds was another area that needs to be looked into. The people that arrived early were placed at the back of the campground. Then people that arrived the next day, right before the event started, were placed much closer. TOTALLY UNFAIR. They also need add street signs to the campground because finding your camp or a friends camp was really hard.

The bathrooms were acceptable. They could add a few more to campground as there was a line that popped up in the mornings, but overall they were clean and acceptable.

Stages: The stages at Sasquatch! were a mixed bag. The main stage is absolutely gorgeous and is the best stage you will ever catch a show at a music festival. The secondary stage called the Big Foot stage was a mess. The sound was awful. They have to improve it for next year. Then Chupacabra stage was Sasquatch!’s dance tent and was incredible. It was the perfect size to were it would get packed but you could still get around. The audio was loud but it didn’t blow your ears out. It was the best dance tent I have come across so far. 

Landscape: The Gorge is covered with wild grass that is great for laying out on or dancing on. The main stage overlooks an gorgeous river and canyon that will be an image that you will never forget. Combine this with a skyline that displays bright sunsets and you have one of the prettiest views you will ever see. 

Food: I shutter to even think about the food. Sasquatch! seems to think that it’s ok to offer many varieties of disgusting food. They don’t bring outside vendors into the festival, they handle it all themselves. The food can best be described as cafeteria food. Hamburgers, quesadillas, tater tot nachos, mac and cheese, and all of it was mediocre at best. I did not find a single person who enjoyed the food.

What makes the festival special?
The combination of the beautiful venue and the crowd make this a wonderful crowd make this festival special. Even with the organizational issues it is a really fun festival to attend. If you are thinking about going next year you definitely should. I suggest paying for premier parking as the walk to GA is really long. I also suggest bringing all of your own food and booze for that matter. Don’t pay an extra dollar to support the festival until they get their act together and improve the festival experience.

Overall: Rating this festival is very hard. I had an insane amount of fun at this festival because of the venue, the music, and the people. I was also really pissed off because of the trash and the food. I’m going to give it 3.5 stars but this festival could EASILY be a perfect 5 if the promoters would commit to improving the fan experience. 


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