Life Is Beautiful Festival 2013 Review

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Date: October 27th and 28th
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Size: 24,000
Price: $160
Years Running: 1

Life Is Beautiful 2013 poster

Life Is Beautiful was a city festival unlike any other I have ever been to. They blocked off 15 blocks of downtown Las Vegas and that entire area became your playground to explore. The stages were placed on large parking lots so there was plenty of room for everyone to easily get around. The thing that made this festival a truly unique festival to attend was the bars and other businesses stayed open which led to you and all of your friends bar hopping in between the artists you wanted to see.

Crowd: The crowd at LIB was a little rough around the edges. There was a good portion of the crowd that knew what being a good festival goer was all about. They knew who the artists were, moved and danced, and were fun to be around. The other group was the problem. The other group came to the festival because they lived in Vegas /were in town for the weekend and needed something to do. At the festival they were overly drunk, talked and sometimes got in arguments with each other during the show, and were just not that fun to be around. There is nothing that LIB can do about who goes to their festival, so next year we just need to bring the festival community and make this a world class festival.

Stages: The stages at LIB were really well done. Each stage offered plenty of room for the crowd size allowing you to get to the area you wanted to view from. The stages featured LED screens that allowed each act to have their own look and stage presence. Combine this with top notch sound and you have yourself a great place to see some of your favorite acts.

Life Is Beautiful 2013 stage
Greening: This was one area where LIB needs to improve. There was not an emphasis placed on rewarding people from going the extra mile in collecting bottles/trash.

Art: LIB did a really good job with adding art to the festival. There were large installations, multiple areas that had interactive art, as well as some live art. This was really impressive for a first time festival. Next year i think they should consider projecting images onto all of the buildings which will take the venue to a whole new level.

Life Is Beautiful 2013 art wall
Food: LIB made the food just as much of the experience as the music. With dozens of world class chefs offering their different specialties the variety and quality of food was unlike any festival I have ever been to. I was totally blown away by the food at this festival.

Organization: The organization was really great when you consider this was their first time ever. There were no bathroom lines, getting around the festival was easy, and everything was on time. One thing that needs to be improved was their waste services. The first night had over filled trash cans by 8pm. When the trash cans are overfilled attendees don’t see the point throwing their trash away so the fairgrounds were really trashy by the end of the night. It was improved by the second day but some of the bins still overflowed.

Overall you have to be impressed. There are a million different things that can go wrong the first time you throw a festival, Life Is Beautiful was really well done.

Overall: Life Is Beautiful is an absolutely awesome festival. I had one of my best festival days ever on Sunday which is really saying something at this point. I am going to give it Four and a half stars. This would be a perfect festival if the crowd was better and if they made it cleaner. Thankfully we have an entire year to get the word out and make sure true festival goers buy all the tickets next year. The thought of this festival with a better crowd gives me goosebumps. So join me in bringing all of your friends next year and we will have ourselves a festival weekend that you will always remember.

Tucker and friends at Life Is Beautiful 2013

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