EDC 2013 Review

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EDC Bio:

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada 
Dates: June 21st – 23rd 
Size: 115,000 per day
Price: $360 


Stages: EDC 2013 featured the biggest and brightest stages I have ever seen. Each one was big and offered the crowd a completely unique viewing experience. Tomorrow Land in Belgium has been the talk of many electronic music fans, and EDC just took it to a whole new level. Each of the 8 stages were even better than they were the year before. The stages were complimented with impeccable sound, insane light shows, and huge fire torches that exploded into the sky in perfect synchronization with the joy of the crowd.

The main stage was the coolest viewing experience I have ever seen in my life. EDC broke their mold of going with all LED screens and created an entirely different world, complete with mushrooms and a mechanical owl, for the DJ to play in front of.

EDC Main Stage
Crowd: I was really impressed with the crowd this year. When you think of the raver crowd it’s easy to think of kids that are dangerously messed up. I personally didn’t see anyone that was of control this weekend, which was a big improvement from years before. My favorite thing about this crowd is how creative everyone is when it comes to costumes. No one dresses up as much per capita as the EDC crowd.

Before the festival I had a friend ask me what about the ratio of girls to guys. I was intrigued by the question, so I took a census of 500 festivalgoers (it only took about 30 minutes). The total count was 298 guys to 202 girls. This equates to approximately 2 girls to every 3 guys.

Organization: EDC was really easy to attend. The lines to get in were much less of a hassle than they were in the previous two years, there were not any lines for the bathrooms, and the arena is so large that it really holds the 115,000 people well, so you can get around without any backups.

The one issue that prevented this weekend from being a perfect weekend was cell phone reception. It was absolutely awful. The reality of the matter is we don’t go to festivals to see the artists; we go to spend time with our friends. The cell phone reception was so bad that if you lost your friends you might not see them until the crowd would start to dissipate around four or five in the morning. You might not think that this is the festivals fault, but it is. EDC did not implement enough cell phone towers to support the amount of people they had on the premises, and I know it turned the event into a scary one for the younger festivalgoers who got separated from their friends.

Food: The food at EDC is pretty unfortunate. It’s like a bad version of baseball stadium food. Instead of using outside/local food vendors, EDC provides all of the food, which allows them to set the bar very low. You can expect a night full of hot dogs, nachos, and pretzels. I recommend eating a big meal before you get there and skipping the food all together.

The one saving grace in regard to food was the free water. EDC’s water refill stations are hands down the best of any festival. The stations were manned by a staff of roughly 10-12 workers who each had two hoses ready to fill your water bottles and camel packs. This efficiency meant they could handle the crowd without a line forming, which is a huge improvement on the other festivals I have attended.

Art: The art at EDC is unbelievable. You can tell the organizers go to Burning Man because based on the creativity and quality of the art installations spread across the event. There are so many performers that are roaming the fairgrounds that you will soon find yourself out of battery or memory on your camera from all the pictures you want to take. They even bring in art cars so it’s not uncommon to see mobile dance parties moving across the fairgrounds.

EDC Flowers

I will also add that the EDC firework display is the best I have ever seen. It goes off every night of the weekend and lasts at least 20 minutes (or possibly 30).

EDC FIreworks

Rides: Along with incredible stages and art, EDC gives you dozens of carnival rides to go on for free. They have four Ferris wheels, bumper cars, roller coasters, free fall drops, and every other kind of ride you can imagine. If you can’t have fun at EDC – something is wrong with you.

Overall: This is an easy one. EDC gets 5 stars. If you like electronic music, you will have an absolute blast at this festival. The fact that it goes from 7pm-6am makes it incomparable, and EDC’s commitment to every last detail will make this one of your favorite weekends of the year.


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