Coachella 2013 Weekend 1 and 2 Review

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Date: April 12th-14th, April 19th-21st 2013
Location: Indio, California
Size: 90,000 ish
Price: $340
Years Running: 15

Coachella Festival 2013

Crowd:  The crowd at Coachella this year was unbelievable. In previous years the crowd was something you would deal with. The majority of the crowd was fun loving festivalgoers but there was also a large percent of collar popping bros and raver girls that made the Coachella experience kind of annoying. They would push through the crowd and rudely push through the crowd. I’m not sure why but this year was different. Everyone was polite all everyday of each weekend. It’s like the Coachella crowd grew up over a year.

Organization: Coachella knows what they are doing. They are also not afraid to try new things. This year they split up the men’s and woman’s bathrooms and the results seemed mixed. In the morning there were lines to the men’s bathrooms because it seems that most guys wake up and take their morning deucer. There were not any lines inside the fairgrounds though and that is a win in my book. Overall everything flowed smoothly both weekends.

Stages:  Coachella boasts the best stages you will find in any major music festival outside of EDC. Their combination of stage design, perfect sound, and layout, combine to make the perfect viewing experience. This year Coachella upgraded the electronic music based Sahara Tent to an enormous tent that must have been twice the size of the previous. Coachella also added a new tent, the Yuma Tent, which made you feel like you were in a nightclub instead of at a music festival. All of the stages are jam packed with wonderful artists and it keeps the crowd spread across the entire fairgrounds which makes getting around easy.

Landscape: Coachella fairgrounds are second to none. The entire festival is held on almost perfect grass, which gives the festivalgoers a place to sit and watch music. This really adds up over the weekend and makes attending the festival easier on the body than most of the other festivals you attend.

Food: The food at Coachella is great. There are over 50 different vendors that offer a really wide variety of food. There are so many good options that I recommend planning on eating there and trying a different vendor every day.

What makes this festival special? The venue, the stages, the art, the artists, the energy, and now the crowd make Coachella special. No other festival I’ve been to combines all of these factors like Coachella does. The time of your also makes this festival special because it gets dark around 8pm this time of year. That gives you If you over 5 hours of darkness to enjoy. If like festivals you need to make a trip next year. There is nothing like this place.

What could be improved? I felt like they had a few lighting issues where their floodlights invaded the fair grounds. Other than this make a few extra bathrooms in the campgrounds.
Overall Rating: 5 stars. Coachella is so special. I feel lucky to have experienced it.

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