Snowglobe Festival

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Date: December 29th-31st, 2012
Location: Lake Tahoe, Nevada
Size: 12,000ish
Price: $159
Years Running: 2

Snowglobe Festival Poster 2012

Crowd: The crowd at SnowGlobe consisted of 18-30 year olds that were really fired up to be there. Staying warm was the first priority for everyone as the temperatures dipped into the single digits. As a whole the crowd handled it like champions and danced their butts off to stay warm.

Snowglobe Festival photo 2012
 The overall organization of the festival was pretty good. The sound was good, the bands were mostly on time and getting from one stage to the next was pretty easy. The one issue with the organization was the shuttles. The first day was an absolute nightmare as they had a few thousand people all trying to leave at once and all board buses that could hold only hold about 100 people. After the first night SnowGlobe seemed to have figured it out and the shuttles flowed much easier the next two days.

Stages:  The stages at SnowGlobe consisted of the main stage, the Sierra Tent, and the TechiBeats Tent. These three areas provided ample room for everyone to get out and dance. This did change on the last night of the festival when the main stage had non electronic acts the other two stages become over run with people.

Snowglobe Festival photo 2012
SnowGlobe is held at in a ski town in the middle of winter, snow is everywhere and the organizers definitely took advantage of it. They had ice sculptures for you to take pictures with and they even had a three story ski jump for winter athletes to do tricks off of.

Food: The food at SnowGlobe was more than acceptable. There were plenty for options to choose from and I didn’t hear a complain about the food all weekend. There is nothing better than a hot chocolate when it’s 8 degrees outside.

What makes this festival special?  The snow and cold really sets this festival apart from the rest. The people are excited, the bands are excited, it all comes together into a really great experience. I also want to point our how great it is to see the organizers try and get everyone to make the festival a leave no trace event. The crowd still has a way to go before they can comprehend such a thing but it good to see none the less.

What could be improved? The biggest thing they need to work on for the next year is the shuttles. When you have a location that doesn’t offer parking getting people in and out of the festival in a timely matter needs to be of the up most priority.

Overall: Overall I was very impressed with this festival and there is no better way to bring in the new year. For a ticket price of $159 you will not find a better deal anywhere.

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