Snowball Festival

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Date: March 2nd-4th, 2012
Location: Avon, Colorado
Size: 12,000ish
Price: $159
Years Running:

Here is a video I made about Snowball.

Snowball Festival Poster 2012Crowd: The crowd for Snowball is one of the best you will ever find. Colorado people are amazing. The average person is probably around 22 but anyone ages 16-60 would fit in just fine. One of my favorite parts about Snowball is the fashion. Neon jumpsuites, Spirithoods, and costumes are everywhere. This is a great festival to make friends at.

Organization: You could tell that the organizers were much more prepared this year. They laid out straw for everyone to walk on in areas that could get slippery. The bathrooms were well lit and clean. I didn’t wait in a line the entire time I was there.

Stages:  This year Snowball made their stages to be much more legitimate. The Main Stage and Groove Tent were amazing. The Ballroom was plenty for the bands playing there. The Heat Hut was super small but actually hosted some pretty epic dance parties.

Landscape: Snowball is held in the snow. It is outside and you are totally at the mercy of mother nature. This year the first day temps dropped below freezing. The second day was much warmer but still cold. The third day was really warm as temperatures hit 50.

Food: The food is pretty good. Nothing special but all of the vendors are local and super nice. Prices were not more than you would expect to pay in a ski town. My favorite item was the hot apple cider because it warmed you right up.

What makes this festival special? There is just something about seeing a festival in the snow. The bands are a little more excited. The crowd has to dance to stay warm. We unite as a team because we are all in it together.

What could be improved? Snowball could take their festival to the next level with better lighting and adding some art installations. Most festivals kind of fail in this regard. If Snowball added better lighting and art it would completely transform this festival into a winter wonderland of epicness.

Snowball Festival 2012
Overall Rating: 4 stars. If you have the means to go I would highly recommend it. SUPER FUN FESTIVAL.

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