Electric Forest Festival

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Date: June 28th-July 1st
Location: Rothbury, Michigan
Size: 40,000 (my guess)
Price: $260 after fees.
Years Running: 2 years as Electric forest.

Electric Forest Festival 2012

Crowd: The crowd for Electric Forest was really wonderful. It was a great mix of EDM and Jam Band fans with each group being represented equally. People in the midwest are super nice and this festival was a great example of it. I would like to see this crowd work on cleaning up after themselves a little more though, as the venue was littered with plastic bottles and other trash after the crowd left one stage for the next.

Music: The bands and DJs absolutely killed it at this festival. They all seemed super pumped to play. Some of my favorites included STS9, Girl Talk, Dada Life, Elephant Revival, Ghostland Observatory, and Big Gigantic.

Organization: Insomniac did a great job organizing Electric Forest. All of the volunteers seemed to know what they were doing and had great attitudes. Getting into the festival was easy enough while exiting took as long as it does at every camping festival- FOREVER. One thing that Insomniac dropped the ball on was labeling the streets in the camp ground. The streets were labeled on the map but there wasn’t any way to tell where you while walking around.

Stages: The stages at Electric Forest were perfect for the situation. With three large stages and and two smaller stages there was plenty for variety for you to enjoy. The stages were more simple than you would expect from an Insomniac production but they matched the mood of the forest by going with more basic stages and pairing it with beautiful lights and perfect sound. My favorite part about the stages was they never got too crowded. If you wanted to get close you could.

Electric Forest Festival 2012Landscape:  The landscape at Electric Forest is straw type grass in the camp ground and nicer grass in the venue. You are completely surrounded by pine trees and even get to adventure though them in an area called Sherwood Forest. Insomniac spares no expense in creating an adult wonderland for you to venture through and explore. Each of the hundreds of trees offers an opportunity for you to put up your hammock and chill out with your friends for as much of the day as you want to.

Electric Forest Festival 2012
 The food at Electric Forest is great. They bring in all kind of different vendors who offer good food at standard festival prices.

What makes this festival special? This festival is a really special one. I think the combination of the forest setting, a great crowd, and lineup with both electronic and jam bands create this special experience. If you like hammocks you will like this festival. If you don’t like hammocks…. well… you are wrong.

What could be improved? Putting up street signs would have really improved my experience. They could also do a better job of telling their security exactly what is ok and what is not. I saw lots of people have things taken away from them on the fourth day even though they were allowed the first three days.

Overall Rating: 5 stars. What can I say? This festival was epic. Get your tickets early for next year because it’s going to be an instant sell out. See you there!

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