Electric Daisy Festival

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Date: June 24th-26th
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Size: 100,000
Price: $250
Years Running: 2 years in Vegas

Electric Daisy Carnival Poster 2012

Crowd: The crowd for EDC was way better than I was expecting this year. I’m not exactly sure how or why it improved but it was much better than last year. The overall vibe was good and everyone was respectful of one another. Very impressive.

Organization: Insomniac really did an amazing job. EDC is HUGE but I never had to wait in any lines for bathrooms or anywhere else. The main stage was a bit too crowded but you got rewarded for exploring and finding the open space to the front left. I was flat out blown away by the amount of performers they had walking around. There must have been a couple hundred on staff that combined into a magical experience. I was even impressed with how they handled the reality that they had to shut down the festival on Saturday night because of wind. Knowing that this would be devastating to single day ticket holders they allowed Saturday ticket holders to come on Sunday. Bravo!

Stages: The stages at EDC are second to none. That’s right, they even passed Coachella this year. All 7 stages were simply beautiful to watch. They also were also laid out in a way that there were easy to get to and sound pollution from one stage to the next was not a problem at all.

Landscape:  Six of the stages were located on asphalt and one of the stages was on wonderful grass. The layout was much better this year and made much better use of the grass. Taking breaks to lay out in the grass was wonderful.

Food: The food at EDC is kind of a joke. A really poorly made burger and a coke cost $15. That is flat out unacceptable. If I could do anything to improve this festival I would bring in local food trucks from all over Vegas and give the fans a better variety of awesome food.

What makes this festival special? The biggest thing that makes EDC special is the hours. It runs from 7pm-7am. Insomniac really does do an awesome job making this festival special. With the combination of world class stages, a huge variety of performers, and a lineup of the best DJs out there you just have to be impressed with what you get.

What could be improved? The food. More variety and a better price point would actually encourage people to eat more and spend more money in the long run.

Overall Rating: 4 stars. For a 100,000 person festival you have to be impressed with how well run and fun to attend EDC was. I had an absolute blast and would recommend it to anyone that likes electronic music. Bravo Insomniac.

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