Coachella Weekend 1 and 2

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Date: April 13th-15th, April 20th-22nd 2012
Location: Indio, California
Size: 80,000ish
Price: $330
Years Running: 14

Coachella Poster 2012

Crowd: The crowd for Coachella is a mixed bag. You will meet tons of amazing people from all over the world. Canada and Australia has big presences. I feel like having the event over 2 weekends took the average age from about 27 down to about 23 which was a really big difference. I have never been to a festival with so many good looking people before. It’s kinda ridiculous how hot everyone it. I was also impressed with how well behaved. I didn’t see anything close to a fight or even an argument for that matter.

Organization: Coachella is always on top of everything when it comes to organization. The bathrooms are perfect, everyone is on time, the grounds are kept clean, and everyone working there seems to be happy. Coachella sets the bar on everything they do.

Stages:  Coachella has three outdoor stages, three tents, and a beer dome that all rock music all day. With all of my travels I have not seen anything that come close to Coachella’s stages. They don’t just have lights, they have moving parts that add a whole new dimension to your viewing experiences.

Landscape: Coachella is a 200 acre plot of perfect grass. This is one of my favorite things about Coachella. Everywhere you go you can just lay down and you are not dead tired at the end of the day. This really makes a huge difference compared to all of the other festivals.

Food: The food is pretty good. I didn’t find anything that blew me away but nothing was horrible besides a chorros I had. Water is only $2 which is all you can really ask for.

What makes this festival special?
Everything Coachella does is BIG. They don’t just light up the stages, they light up their entire festival including the sky. You get to walk around in this wonderland of music, dancing, and sheer bliss.

What could be improved? Their wristband scanner the second weekend had problems with people who had on their wristband from the weekend before. This was kind of frustrating for me. I also think their camping scene was lacking entertainment. They should provide more things for people who are still wanting to rage to get after it.

Overall Rating: 5 stars. There is only one Coachella. Nothing else has come close yet.

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