Camp Bisco Festival

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Date: July 13th-15th
Location: Lake Mariaville, New York
Size: 25,000
Price: $210 after fees.
Years Running: 11

Camp Bisco Festival poster 2012

Crowd: The crowd for Camp Bisco was pretty darn good. This is actually a bit of a miracle when you consider that the festival is 16 and up. The crowd was fun to talk to and had a great vibe to em. One thing I really love about this crowd is that they are proud of how long they have been going to Bisco. This says a lot about the festival.

Music: The bands and DJs were pretty good at this festival. The highlights were Dada Life, Atmosphere, Bonobo, and Big Gigantic. There were definitely some lowlights as well. Big Boi played like 2 songs and Bassnectar’s sound board was on the fritz and kept cutting out on him.

Organization: This was a well run music festival. The bathrooms were clean, music was on time (besides Big Boi), and everything flowed really smoothly. They did run out of ice and money at the ATM’s which was super frustrating. I have to give them credit though, the ice was only $3 a bag (other festivals charge $5-$8). One thing that was very different about Camp Bisco is that they use a biker gang for their security. This works pretty well. What these bikers lack in customer service they make up for in funny occurrences. Watching them interact with teenagers is a freaking riot.

Stages: The stages at Camp Bisco were pretty well done. The main stage had two sides to it so one could get ready while the other was going. This meant you never had to miss one of the bigger bands which was nice. There were two tent stages where most of the DJs played. These tents got super hot when everyone was in them but they were a ton of fun to dance in. The Showcase Stage was a bit of let down. There was chain link fence in front of the stage that was super annoying to watch a show through. I really hope they take it down next year.

Camp Bisco Festival 2012


Landscape:  The landscape at Camp Bisco is some type of farm grass. It’s perfect for what we are doing. Camp Bisco did a pretty good job of decorating the venue. There were a few different art installation scattered around that were fun to walk through. This festival was not really about the lights and decorations though, it’s all about the music. I was also blown away each night by the sunsets.

Camp Bisco Festival 2012
 The food at Camp Bisco was great. There was a ton of options to choose from and the prices were a little cheaper than most other festivals.

What makes this festival special? I think this festival is special because it is so free and open. Somehow they manage to avoid having cops at the festival at all. It’s also really unique that this festival about the Disco Biscuits. Having a focus on one band and seeing them do six different sets was an absolute blast. They also did something called “Color Wars” which was basically like going to summer camp for a day. I loved it. My team Purple Reign won!

Camp Bisco Festival 2012
What could be improved?
I wish they would have put up street signs so you could tell people where you are. They could also take things to a new level by lighting up the trees surrounding the venue. They also need to find a way to avoid having the bikers ride their bikes through the middle of the festival.

Overall Rating: 3.75 stars. This was a really fun festival. If you are within a 1,000 mile radias I would go for sure.

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