Snowball Festival

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Date: March 4th-6th 2011
Location: Avon, Colorado
Size: 10,000
Price: $149
Years Running: First Ever

Snowball Festival 2011

Crowd: The crowd for Snowball is one of the best you will ever find. People from Colorado are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. They also know how to party. Combine this with the fact that you get to dance in your snow gear and it creates an atmosphere that EVERYONE is excited to be a part of. The average attendee was a little on the younger side with

Organization: Considering this was their first festival I have to say that Snowball did a really great job. Lines were short, bands were on time, volunteers knew what they were doing, and it was just a great festival overall. A couple things they could have improved was lighting their bathrooms. Their bathrooms were really dark which made getting through multiple layers of clothing to go to the bathroom very difficult.

Stages: The main stage was really well considering it was the first time this festival ever happened. The second and third stages we not that impressive mainly because they became very muddy.

What Makes This Festival Special?
This festival is unlike any others, it’s in the snow! Everyone there loves this. The bands get to play in the snow. The crowd gets to dance in the snow. It really created a magical experience for everyone.

Snowball Festival 2011Wayne Coyne ball walk

Overall Rating: 4 and a half stars. If you have the means to go – GO!

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