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Date: October 28th-30th
Location: Asheville, North Carolina
Size: 15,000ish
Price: $200
Years Running: not sure

Moogfest Poster 2011

Crowd: The crowd for Moogfest was amazing. It was the 3 days leading up to Halloween so everyone dressed up. The crowd was super into the music and it was a super easy place to meet people and make friends. The crowd was consistently between 18 and 35 with the average age being 26.

Organization: Moogfest killed it. No bathroom lines. Everything flowed really well. There were a couple lines to get into different venues but nothing to get upset about.

Stages:  I loved the setup for Moogfest. Their stages were not just in one central location like all of the other festivals I went to.They had 11 stages scattered around Asheville for you explore and enjoy.  You would be rocking out in the Civic Center and then realize it would be time to go see the next show which was about a ten minute walk around town. My favorite part about this was talking to people who were out walking their dog or doing other real world activities. The stages were also beautiful for such a small festival. The Civic Center and Rennessainse Hotel Stage were gorgeous!

Landscape: It was all asphalt and tile inside the venues. The festival started later in the day though so you didn’t seem to get too tired.

Food: Since you were not limited to one location you could go to actual restaurants in Asheville for all of your food and drinks. This made the selection and prices better than you could find at other festivals.

What makes this festival special?  I absolutely loved walking from show to show. You would meet the coolest people. Moogfest was also the festival where the bands were most excited to play. Each band would talk about how much the Moog, the original synthesizer, meant to them and how honored they were to play there. They also did an amazing job of decorating the festival. Every last detail was blinged out.  This festival was an absolute pleasure to attend.

Moogfest photo 2011
What could be improved?
 It would be nice if they could have gotten people into the venues a little quicker. This is really nit picking though.

Overall Rating: 4.5 Stars. GO! GO! GO! GO! GO! And Asheville is amazing. You’re gonna love it.

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