Coachella Festival

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Date: April 13th-15th, April 20th-22nd 2012
Location: Indio, California
Size: 80,000ish
Price: $330
Years Running: 14

Coachella Festival 2011

Crowd: The Coachella crowd was one of which I could not have imagined in my wildest dreams. Everyone is super hit and hot looking. This year in particular I wondered around completely baffled that there were this many hot girls on the planet. Everyone is super nice and the crowd just has an energy to it that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Everyone seems to know how special Coachella is and runs around enjoying every precious minute of it.

Organization: Coachella has this whole festival thing down. There were a couple 5 minute waits for bathrooms but they were always clean and well lit. Their iPhone app is super useful and overall you just can’t ask for things to go any smoother.

Stages:  7 stages with the best audio video setups in the world. There is nothing like a Coachella stage. They don’t just shine lights, they move in and out. Mind blowing is the only way to describe it.

Landscape: Coachella is held on an enormous polo course so you get to spend three days running around on perfect grass. This is the best setting of any festival I have attended. I love just laying down and watching one of my favorite bands. Ohh and the entire fairgrounds is surrounded by palm trees that are all lit up. MAGIC!

Food: The food is pretty good. I didn’t find anything that blew me away but nothing was horrible besides a chorros I had. Water is only $2 which is all you can really ask for.

What makes this festival special? Everything about Coachella is awesome. The bands, the lighting, the grass, the crowd, the camping, and the lifelong memories you make. Just watch this video. This is why Coachella is so freaking incredible. Fast forward to 2:30 if you are in a hurry.

What could be improved? Nothing. This was my perfect festival. Coachella 2011 is the festival that would forever change my life. It was here that I realized how amazing life was and that I wanted to spread this message.

Overall Rating: 6 stars. I don’t expect to be able to top this festival ever again which I’m totally ok with. It was perfect.

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