Austin City Limits

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Date: September 16th-18th, 2012
Location: Austin, Texas
Size: 70,000
Price: $200
Years Running: 9

Austin City Limits Poster 2011

Crowd: The crowd for Austin City Limits is pretty hilarious. This festival is a family affair. There is no too young or too old at ACL. I even saw a 70+ year old man reading Readers Digest. One thing about ACL that doesn’t happen at any of the other festivals I have attended is the crowd will choose a stage and setup chairs and blankets to sit on and they’ll be there all day. Austin is my favorite city and everyone here is super nice.

Organization: I didn’t run into a single line for bathrooms. Everything seemed very well done. I have to say that getting around the chair cities was a freaking nightmare. By the time the festival was over I was really frustrated with it.

Stages:  The stages at ACL were the same stages from Lollapalooza so they were pretty great.  There was still nothing that blew you away visually. The sounds did run over from one to the next a little more than you would like.

Landscape: ACL had grass but you still wanted a blanket to lay on.

Food: The food at was really good. They had a couple BBQ places that I became a little too addicted to.

What makes this festival special? There are not many festivals that I would bring my family to. You can do this here. It’s kind of awesome when you think about it. The bands also seemed to be very excited to play here since Austin is the music capital of America. You also get to go out to the bars in Austin after which is a blast.

What could be improved? ACL has the same problem as Lollapalooza and Outside La,ds; it ends too freaking early. Since it is in September you do get a little longer to see shows in the dark, MAYBE 2 hours. But 2 hours just doesn’t cut it.

Overall Rating: 3 stars. It’s a super fun festival that you should go to if you can. It just lacks the magic that festivals that go later into the night provide.

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