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After reviewing festivals for five years, I’ve become a bit of reviewing monster. I review every room I enter based on its decor and lighting (this is ironic, as I don’t live anywhere). I critique every Uber Driver who takes me somewhere based on the smoothness of the ride and their choice in music (why don’t they ever look at your profile to see what you listen to)? I rarely write the reviews to share my opinion. But the thought is still there.

But sometimes my reviewer and creator lives intersect. This article will be another one of those weird times when my profession as “the guy who reviews festivals for a living” crosses paths with my desire to create products that help FestivalGoers maximize each and every one of their festival experiences.

And I’ve found something that helps you do just that:

Prevent Hangovers with the Be One Up patch

Prevent Hangovers with the Be One Up patch

The Be One Up Patch is kind of like a nicotine patch, but it transfers Vitamin B1 into your bloodstream instead of nicotine. Vitamin B1 is Thiamin. According to The World’s Healthiest Foods,   “B1 is a key player in the production of energy from dietary carbohydrates and fats. In fact, you could easily make the case that vitamin B1 plays the most critical role of all, acting as the gatekeeper between the less-efficient step of early carbohydrate breakdown and the very energy-rich Krebs’ cycle and electron transport chain.

“Because of the central role of vitamin B1 to energy metabolism, deficiency of this nutrient impairs nearly every important function in the body. Severe and prolonged vitamin B1 deficiency—rare in the United States—has been reported to affect the nervous system, the heart, and digestive function, among other areas.”

So getting extra B1 into your system when you’re partying will provide your body with extra energy and help with nearly every important bodily function.

The Story: I’m always looking for up and coming products that might benefit the festival community. When I was introduced to a vitamin patch that claimed to make you feel great and prevents hangovers I was hesitant. It sounded too good to be true. Partying takes so much out of your body that having something that was easy to apply was very appealing to me. I decided to brand a thousand of them to hand out at Coachella with the logo of my company, FestEvo, to test them out.  The thought of everyone rocking my logo around my target audience was worth the hefty expense.

Anti Hangover Patch

On the second day of Coachella, my crew and I really got after it. We partied all day, and found ourselves partying even harder until the sun came up at the Guns ‘N Roses afterparty. Six of our seven-person crew were absolutely hammered (the one sober person was our designated driver). We made it home and slept from 9:00am-1pm. I got out of bed feeling…. strangely awesome but I didn’t think too much about it. I was too busy  dreading the task of waking everyone up after such a big night. To my surprise, each person I woke up seemed ready for the day – until I got to my buddy Duncan. He looked like hell and did not want to get out of bed.

This was the big AHA moment. Duncan was the only person in the group who hadn’t put a patch on. He was feeling the negative effects of all of the drinking, while the rest of us were chipper and ready for more. The patch worked! Once we made it back to Coachella, everyone who’d been given one the day before was asking for more. No one could believe how good they felt the next day. Since then I have “tested” them at Further Future Festival, Boogaloo Mountain Jam and Lightning In A Bottle. Every test produced great results.

Unfortunately for me, my supply had run out by the time I headed to Atlanta for the Shaky Beats Festival. Between the festival and the Cherub after-party, I had put down a lot of drinks. When I woke up the next morning, I had an unpleasant feeling that, for all of the previous month, I’d forgotten existed. I was hungover and felt awful. I didn’t want to get out of bed. The next day I just went through the motions. Partying without the patch suddenly wasn’t worth the pain.

This experience has made me a 100% total believer in the patch – and made me want to share it with everyone else. Instead of calling it the “FestEvo patch”, I‘ve branded it the Be One Up Patch – because it really does help you have a be one up on the hangover. Wearing a patch for every day of a festival ensures that you’ll be ready to rock it all the way through as long as you pair it with ample food and water. 

If you want to try the patches, here’s the link to follow. If you try them and aren’t satisfied, just hit me up and I’ll send you a full refund. I have a feeling you’ll think of them as a festival game-changer – just like I do.

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