An Invitation To Daft Punk To Play The Trash Fence

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Dear Daft Punk,

I’ve never been one to write letters to my favorite musicians but you two are different. While my other favorite artists play festivals and tour across the world for all of their fans to see, you do not. I’m worried that your success has cornered you into a tough spot. Though you have released full records and won Grammys, you haven’t performed live since 2007. The more I think about it, however, the more I understand. You have become such icons that you can’t simply play a show.

Announcing a tour or show would be a huge ordeal, becoming a major topic discussed among fans and media alike.  No matter the intended ticket price, scalpers would mark-up prices favoring the wealthy over your true fans. There would also be so much hype built around the show that it would be difficult to live up to such high expectations. With all of these outside factors, I don’t blame you for not touring or playing festivals. It may just not be worth it to you.

The main reason for my message today is to invite you to make Burning Man history rather than just being a part of its lore. For years, longtime Burners have toyed with newcomers (dubbed “virgins” by the BM community)  at your expense by inviting them to see Daft Punk play at the trash fence. This rumor has become a collective inside joke among Burning Man devotees. In 2015, I was a recipient of this rumor and, going against my better judgment, I journeyed to the trash fence. The outcome was fortuitous as I was lucky enough to experience a mini Daft Punk set played on the Black Bird art car. I found myself singing and dancing to all the hits and that night became one of the highlights of my Burn. Here is the full story.

Inspired by this moment, I wanted to share this experience with others. The following year, I dressed up my friends The Funk Hunters in suits and your replica helmets and had them play a set at Camp Ego Trip. A couple thousand people got to experience it with many of them agreeing that the show was one of the highlights of their Burn.  A couple even got engaged during this magical set.

Daft Punk at Camp Ego Trip. Burning Man 2016. (Photo by Betty & Kora)

I thought that was going to be the end of my adventures with “Daft Punk” at Burning Man until a  friend introduced me to the person who made the 2015 mini-show happen. Hearing his story and all of the synchronicities that had to happen in order to make it possible inspired me to facilitate an actual Daft Punk At The Trash Fence performance. Here is the story of all of the serendipitous moments that occurred for us to get here:

This is happening. On Wednesday, August 30th, we are going to have 10 art cars speaker systems all synced together so everyone in attendance can hear.  I want to officially invite you to come to Burning Man and play at the trash fence (ask where when you’re there). Burning Man is already sold out but I have managed to get two extra tickets that are reserved for you and I am happy to provide an RV if you need accommodations.

We do have replica helmets on hand and world-class performers ready to fill in if you can’t make it but I am hoping that this is the opportunity for which you have been waiting. Because this is Burning Man, there will be no paparazzi and all that matters is your presence and music. Dazzling lights are encouraged but not necessary as you’d play on art cars for a down-to-earth audience and everyone in attendance will be amazing human beings. This show is to be about the love of music and giving your global fan-base a new intimate set that only you could provide.

I will keep the tickets available for you until Saturday, August 26th, so please reach out to me with your decision before then. Here is the event link if you want to invite your friends.

Hope to see you soon,
Tucker Gumber AKA The Festival Guy

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