Introducing XLive’s “Young Festival Entrepreneur Program”

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If I had to give only one piece of advice to young entrepreneurs trying to get into the music festival industry it would be go to the X-Live business conference. I found out about it in 2012 when I met one of the founders at a bar in Vail, Colorado – this chance meeting helped me recognize the real-time evolution of this industry and was paramount to my conception of “The Festival Guy.”

When I attended the conference (formerly called the International Music Festival Conference), it was a dream come true. The conference brought together hundreds of event producers and companies that service the industry which created invaluable networking opportunities. The panels featured industry leaders sharing their insider knowledge and it’s an opportunity that meant so much to me I’ve gone back every year since then.

Festival Guy circa 2012.

Festival Guy circa 2012.

Now I head in for my fifth consecutive year and as a new board member of the conference I am able to use my perspective to make it the best it can be. The one area of X-Live I felt could be improved was a more proactive approach to helping new brands benefit from the conference – the more new brands we help get their foot in the door the better it will be for everyone in the long run. The founders of X-Live agree and I’m excited to announce the “Young Festival Entrepreneur Program.”

For the first time XLIVE will be accepting applications for up and coming festival professionals to participate in a mentorship program aimed at grooming future festival leaders. The goal of the program is to cultivate young talent and afford them an opportunity to learn, meet with and be exposed to the knowledge of industry executives with decades of experience. Additionally, selected professionals will have dedicated time to meet with one another and share ideas about existing events and ideas for the future. 10 professionals will be selected to attend the 2016 XLIVE program in Las Vegas.

Benefits of the Program:

  • Formal recognition during the 2016 XLIVE annual conference
  • Featured in various media outlets, newsletters and publications
  • Full conference accreditation to attend XLIVE
  • Structured time to meet with industry execs and the other participants in the program
  • Access to the keynotes, panels, presentations and the exhibit floor

Criteria for Consideration:

  • What experience the applicant has in the festival industry
  • What do they hope to get out of the program
  • How can they contribute to the dialogue at the conference
  • Why are they passionate about festivals
  • Must currently be working for a festival, entity that produces a festival or planning a festival

Click here to apply!

Applications will be reviewed by the XLIVE program director, Advisory Board and The Festival Guy. Applications will be open until October 9th, 2016 and applicants will be notified by October 17th, 2016.

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