A Message To Electric Forest Attendees From The EF FAM

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The countdown is at zero. The time has finally come. You’ve worked, saved, planned and dreamed in anticipation of what’s to come. For many of you, this is your first time to the forest. Many have preceded you. This message is to all of you – not from me, but from all of us, together.

The Festival Guy at Electric ForestAs you ascend on the grounds, it is important to be aware of something that’s easy to overlook. The festival is not the lights, speakers, stages, nor the bands. It’s you, it’s me, it’s we. We are the ones who will make these the best days of our lives. We will make the experience pleasant or disgusting. All our little collective decisions will make Electric Forest the world’s best festival, or just another festival.  

You can do four simple things to make this the best Forest to date. If you do your part, and I do mine, we will be the change that needs to happen in the festival world. Thankfully, it’s not hard to do. We just need to do it.

  1. Leave No Trace+1: Sherwood Forest is a magical place on an absolutely gorgeous property. This is the perfect festival to put Leave No Trace+1 into play. This motto means that everyone picks up after themselves (like you always did) AND 1 other person who might not. We all know that some mindless idiots out there leave all their trash on the ground – so it’sx up to you to pick up 5 extra pieces a day. If do my 5, and you do your 5, and so on – WE will have a spotless venue.

    (Go the extra mile show your Leave No Trace+1 commitment by sh)
  2. Call ‘Em Out: Did you see someone leave their trash behind? Simply pick it up and politely remind them that they dropped it and tell them that we all need to do our part. If they say they don’t need to pick up after themselves, follow the steps in this video.

  3. Walk to the right: We want to easily navigate through the festival, so walk to the right so WE don’t have to weave in and out of traffic.
  4. Start a trash and recycle bag: Once you get to your campsite, make a group announcement and dedicate a bag for trash and another one for recycling. Keep this up through the weekend, and take all your items with you. WE look bad when the campsite is littered with garbage after the festival.

By following these four steps, WE will make Electric Forest the best festival ever. WE will keep the venue clean, easy to navigate and more environmentally friendly than ever before. It’s you, it’s me, it’s we who will be the change the festival community has been waiting for.

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