9 Reasons I Can’t Wait For Lightning In A Bottle

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The mere thought of heading to Lightning In A Bottle fills me with butterflies. The combination of inspiring art, jaw-dropping stage design, fired-up people, and attention to detail make LIB a true joy to explore. Now that a new day has been added to the schedule to let you explore the venue before the music starts, I’m more excited about LIB than I’ve been in a long while.

With LIB a mere 9 days away, I thought it would be fun to give you the 9 reasons why I can’t wait for it to start:  

  1. The people: LIB has built a loyal crowd that not only knows how to get down, but how to be good FestivalGoers. They are courteous, pick up after themselves, and know that there’s more to a festival than just watching music.
  2. The Stages: Lightning In A Bottle combines the beauty and elegance of cloth with the magic of LEDs to turn their stages into glowing works of art. Each stage has its own look and feel.

    Photo By: Cameron Jordan

    Photo By: Cameron Jordan

  3. The Art: Lighting In A Bottle has its own art-creation non-profit, The Do Art Foundation, which brings in dozens of top artists to live-paint in front of the crowd. One of my favorite LIB moments is Sunday night, when they bring all the paintings into the grassy square for an art show. Seeing the finished products you watched getting made makes it easy to appreciate how special each piece really is.
  4. That Lineup!: Boy oh boy, does LIB have an epic lineup. (You can listen to each artist in the FestEvo app so you don’t miss the new favorite artist you haven’t discovered yet.)
  5. The Earth Harp: Only LIB could bring in something as epic as William Close and his Earth Harp. Check out this video if you can’t make itv – but don’t watch it if you’re going for the first time.
  6. Lucent Dossier: A live performance act that combines elements of Circus Ole and Burning Man with a live musical style that’s all their own. Lucent Dossier is a must-see, and a highlight to a weekend already filled with memory-makers.
  7. Amori’s Casino: Paul E Amori is the “Mayor of Love” and brings to you an unbelievable casino and performance experience. Burlesque dancers, live bands, fire spinners… you never no what you’ll see.
    DO NOT MISS AMARI’S CASINO! poli amori
  8. The Grand Artique: Among LIB’s many late-night options, you’ll find no better than the Grand Artique. Their eclectic lineup makes every show feel totally new, which is a welcome sight by live-music lovers.
  9. The Talks: Lighting In A Bottle offers dozens of talks led by a range of interesting thought leaders who fill your brain with knowledge that will help you transform your life and the world around you.

    These are the more obvious reasons you should check out LIB. The less-obvious ones cannot be put into words. LIB is magic. It’s my family reunion. My home festival. There is nothing like it.

Here’s a video I made in 2013. Oh, what a journey it has been!


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