The Rules Of Festivaling

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As festival season is winding down, I’ve been thinking more and more about establishing some sort of guidelines that every festival goer should follow in order to improve the festival experience for everyone. Burning Man does this with their 10 Principles and having stated rules helps everyone in attendance stay on the same page. The principles allow you to remind people that are acting outside the stated principles that it’s not how we do things here.

I’m totally aware that festivals are a place that lots of people go to to get away from rules. The freedom of doing whatever you want for the weekend is a big part of the fun. I’m not against this at all. What needs to be clear is that what you do at a festival effects the people around you. What you bring to festivals effects the environment. Your freedom is your responsibility.

Rules are not entirely a bad thing. The most rebellious group in movie history, Fight Club, even had rules. 

Here is my first attempt at my ideal rules.

1.Don’t die. If you are going to make decisions to take illegal substances you need to get informed on what you are doing and the consequences that your decision could lead to. (
2.Don’t fucking die! Let’s make 2014 different.
3. If you touch it, you are responsible for it. This goes for your trash and trash you might randomly step on.
4. Don’t buy trash. This goes for glow sticks and water bottles. Use EL Wire and refillable water bottle instead.
5. Respect others around you. This means talking during sets and being the annoying person recording everything on their phone.
6. Leave it cleaner than when you got there. This includes the bathroom and the campsite.

This is a rough draft. What else do you think should be on the list? What do you think the best way to put these rules into place is. 

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We are the festival. Together we can change things. 

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