How to use your cell phone

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What happens when you put 10,000+ people in one area besides a whole lot of fun? Poor cell phone service. The first thing you need to know about using your phone at a music festival is to not rely on them. Then just follow these steps and you will be good to go.

1. Create a GroupMe account and add all of your festival friends. GroupMe is a service that does group texting for you. EVERYONE should use this. Trust me.

2. Set a meeting point with your friends so you know where to find them if your phones don’t work.

3. When you do text make sure to use EXACT details. Don’t say “at the main stage,” say “ten feet to the left of the second speaker to the right.”

4. Time stamp your texts. That way the recipient can see if you send it a minute ago or two hours ago.

5. Don’t let your cell phone die. Carry a charger with you.

6. Put your friends contact information on the wall paper of your phone. That way it comes back to you if you lose it.

Follow these tips and you will be good to go.

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