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You have been counting down the days for months and it is finally here. You walk through the gates of the festival for the first time and you suddenly have a million amazing things pulling you in completely different directions. How do you know what to do? The answer is simple, you don’t. You have no idea what this festival has in store for you and there is only one way to find out. EXPLORE!

Exploring is vital to your festival experience. You want to find out where everything is so you know how to get around but don’t stop there. Make a full 360 degree loop of the festival and open every single door you come across. Someone will stop you if there is a door your aren’t supposed to go through. The point of this is you will discover everything on the first day instead of on the last day or not at all

My perfect example is Coachella. I used to be like everyone else. When I needed to go to the bathroom I would go to the porta potties and wait in line. I would see some people go all the way to the back to this raised white building but I always figured it was VIP or something. I didn’t go back there last year or the first weekend of this year. Finally on the second weekend curiosity finally convinced me to go check it out. I walked up the steps and found an air conditioned bathroom with running water…… Are you serious? I had been using porta potties instead of real toilets because I hadn’t explored. It wasn’t just me. I have a friend that had gone for 9 years and never been in them.

After this eye opening experience it became clear that exploring the entire festival is vital to becoming a music festival expert. Once you have learned all of the secret spots make sure to share the highlights with friends and awesome people you meet. This information can also be a great conversation starter with interesting people you want to get to know.

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