10 Artists You Should Not Miss At Coachella

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As we head back to paradise for the second weekend of Coachella, I’m happy to report that you are in for a treat. Weekend 1 was a fantastic festival. The vibes from the crowd were high, the weather was perfect, and the main stage has more LEDs than I have ever seen in my life (and that is saying something).

What you really need to get excited for is the music because odds are your favorite act will play their best set at Coachella. This phenomenon happens more at Coachella than any other festival because of a combination of timing (Coachella is the first major festival of the year so the acts have more time to prepare for it), money (Coachella provides their acts with the most money for production), and infrastructure (Coachella has the best stages/speakers in North American festivals).

Here is a list of of the top acts I saw last weekend
(In not particular order)

  1. Rufus Du Sol: This set was fire from the first note. 
  2. Sia: I only watched her because all of my friends were. I lucked out. Her show is a theatrical spectacle that you will never forget.
  3. LCD SoundSystem: An hour and a half of my favorite songs. So good. 
  4. Miike Snow: Had the entire crowd smiling and dancing along with them. 
  5. Sujan Stevens: Might have been my favorite set of the entire weekend. Go. Trust me. 
  6. Crystal Fighters: If you want to exercise your heart and smile muscles this is the set for you. 
  7. Major Lazer: MASSIVE dance party. You could feel the energy. 
  8. Borns: I get goosebumps just thinking about this show. Must see. 
  9. Moon Taxi: Best day set of the week. Bring your friends. Great show. 
  10. Bob Moses: So hot right now.
  11. Special Mention: Anderson Paak. I did not see him but EVERYONE says it was the show of the weekend.

    Moon Taxi

    Moon Taxi

This was the list of MY favorite sets but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will like any of them. Our music tastes could be totally different. If you  haven’t taken a few minutes to listen to each artist on the lineup you need to. The more artists you know the more fun you will have. 

Lucky for you there is an app for that. Simply download FestEvo (free on Android or iOS) and listen to the artists so you can decide who YOU should see. This video shows it in action. 

Have a great weekend and please remember to pick up after yourself.

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