Lotus Belle Tent Review

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Having the right tent at a music festival can make or break your weekend. The right tent needs to be big enough for you, your crew, and all your gear. It also needs to stay cool during the day so you can actually get some sleep. I had the opportunity to test the 13-ft Lotus […]

10 Ways To Have Your Best Burn

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Months turned to weeks, weeks became days. Now I’m no longer counting the days, but the hours before until Burning Man. This will be my fourth trip to the playa, and I couldn’t be more excited. Each year I’ve been there, I’ve picked up new tips that come in handy the next year. I want […]

The Hudson Project

The Truth About The Hudson Project

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Every festivalgoer who is dialed into the festival community has without a doubt had their news feed flooded with pictures and videos of what happened at the Hudson Music Project last weekend. Simply clicking on these posts exposes pages and pages of hate created by frustrated attendees. You can even read write-ups by festival news […]

#FestivalHack: The New Way Of Keeping Festivals Clean

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According to an old saying, necessity is the mother of invention. After attending this year’s Voodoo Experience last weekend, it was clear that Voodoo needed to invent a better way to control its trash. Apparently, the event organizers didn’t correctly estimate the number of trashcans they would need to accommodate a 40,000-person crowd. Once the […]

The Rules Of Festivaling

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As festival season is winding down, I’ve been thinking more and more about establishing some sort of guidelines that every festival goer should follow in order to improve the festival experience for everyone. Burning Man does this with their 10 Principles and having stated rules helps everyone in attendance stay on the same page. The […]

Camping Checklist

Camping List

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One of my favorite people on the planet, @BritzBitz, created the ultimate camping list for her festival Shambhala. This is as complete of a list as you will find. Print it and make sure you have everything before you leave.