14 Artists That Somehow Booked Coachella As Their First Festival

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For myself and hundreds of thousands of people like me, the Coachella lineup coming out is a special day. It is not just a mere list of bands or DJ’s, it’s a glimpse into our favorite days of the year. These are the artists that are going to play the sets we never forget and the 200+ list of names is there for you to explore.

After spending hours researching artists one by one  in 2011 and 2012 I had the idea to create an app that does it for you. Three long and all consuming years later the app, now called FestEvo, does just that. With over 800 festivals with their current and past years lineups any artist that has played a festival in the last 16 years will be listed in the app. With Coachella being the pinnacle of festivals you would expect every artist that plays it to have played many festivals leading up to it.  
This was not the case when I added the 2017 Coachella lineup to the database. I was shocked to discover that  16 artists had to be added to the database. Who the heck are these people and how did they book COACHELLA as their first festival?

Let’s break them down and see if we can determine how they pulled it off.

Zipper Club (1,500 facebook likes):
Zipper Club is an American musical group from Los Angeles, California. The group was formed by members Mason James of Cerebral Ballzy and solo artist Lissy Trullie. 

The Lemon Twigs (17k likes): Band with Brian and Michael D’Addario who write and record music!” 

Klangstof (6k likes): An Amsterdam indie rock band.


Alison Swing (985 likes) Co-Founder of Dig Deeper production company.

DREAMCAR (2k likes) No music released yet. Featuring members of No Doubt and AFI.

Nav (2k likes)  Toronto based producer. 

The Atomics (10k) – A Calvin Kline’s male model’s band.  

Moss Kena (555 Likes)– R&B Singer who “reworked” a Kendric Lamar song.


Red Axes (27k likes) DJ duo out of Israel.

Swet Shop Boys (3k likes)

“Swet Shop Boys is an Indian-American/British-Pakistani hip hop group, consisting of rappers Heems and MC Riz, with producer Redinho.” Wikipedia…. I love this.

Hans Zimmer (2million likes) A German composer and record producer who has composed music for over 150 films.


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