#Rage it Forward

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Rage it Forward

Look at the picture above. Now imagine if everyone picked up one bottle on their way out. Together we can change our festival just by trying a little bit.

What Is #RageItForward?

Let’s be realistic. Music festivals are not just something the festival crowd does a couple weekends out of the year. Festivals are what we base our entire year around.

With this in mind, why is Burning Man the only event where the crowd is involved in making it possible? It’s time we all get together and find ways that we, the crowd, can make the festival a little better for everyone.

#RageItForward can be a simple gesture like bringing a little gifts like hand warmers, firework glasses, bubbles, or memorable trinkets to hand out.

#RageItForward can be simple actions like taking pictures for people, bringing extra food and sharing with your neighbors, or even cleaning someone’s sun glasses. The one thing that all

#RageItForward members do is pick up a piece of trash as they walk from one stage to the next. This simple gesture will make the festival cleaner.

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