Crowd at Snowglobe #Raging

Project #1: Snowglobe Festival

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Taking SnowGlobe to the Next Level!¬† There is no doubt that SnowGlobe is going to be an awesome music festival. The people throwing it really know how to put together a great festival. The point of #RageItForward is to get the crowd to do their part in bringing the awesome as well. In the future […]

Rage it Forward - Dress Up!

How To #Rage it Forward

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Easy Ways to #RageItForward The goal of #RageItForward is really simple. The more fun you get the people around you to have the more fun the festival is going to be for everyone. It feels good to #RageItForward and find ways to get others to have fun. It is also wonderful to know that you […]

Rage it Forward

#Rage it Forward

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Look at the picture above. Now imagine if everyone picked up one bottle on their way out. Together we can change our festival just by trying a little bit. What Is #RageItForward? Let’s be realistic. Music festivals are not just something the festival crowd does a couple weekends out of the year. Festivals are what […]